Softstarters - "synergy" the - missing link - between inverter and starter

Power needs control! Dötsch is the right place to find your desired power electronics to control your drive in all possible ways, using:

  • frequency inverters
  • current controlers
  • softstarters

We are proud to present to you as a very innovative product, the starters from Fairford, UK - especially the "synergy" line. Synergy not only starts your drive smoothly, but also allows you to reduce the power consumption, when the motor is only partly loaded. A fully automatic, yet configurable power / cos phi - meter identifies part-loads and reduces the voltage while speed is constant. This "fixed-speed-drive" may be called the "missing link" between the inverter and a standard starter. While it keeps your speed, you save energy by voltage reduction, as it is ideal for crushers, mills, conveyors, hydraulic pumps and other apllications that need to keep their rpm, while loads are changing. Being much more affordable than the inverter and using less cabinet space, it is an ideal solution for making your application more efficient the easiest way. Further features, that can be chosen from the inbuilt touch-display are: PTC-control, data-logging, control-voltage 24V DC and 230V AC among many others.

download the synergy brochure here - just write to us to get your "synergy"

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