Coil winding

If you are in short time need for special oil free transformers, transmitters or inductivities we have the abilities to react to your needs from our well sorted warehouse during a short period of time. Manufacturing our products, we only use materials of thermal protection classes F and H.
As examples of our product range we would hereby like to mention: coils for special contactors, metal separating magnets or load lifting magnets.

other products / trading:

  • net connection transformers – control and automation transformers
  • repair winding, new manufacturing of small series
  • coils and custom made products by request

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Wasser- und Windkraft

Wir liefern permanentmagneterregte Generatoren in Drehstromausführung in verschiedenen Leistungs- und Drehzahlklassen.


Die Energiewende - der Weg zurück zur Sonne - ein Mitmachprogramm. Ein Essay von Geschäftsführer Christian Dötsch

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