Our partners

Our firm has been being a proud contract partner of the firm FEIN Electrical Instruments / Stuttgart for more than 45 years, offering service and spare parts from our spare parts warehouse.

Thanks to the training of our employees by the firm SEW ( Geared Motors and Electronics) we take part at the SEW-Service-Info-Pool and " prolong" the high qualified service of SEW to your terminal.
We recommend  frequency inverters and power electronics of ABB, Controll Techniques, Danfoss and SEW for your motors.

New since 2003:
Firm Dötsch GmbH is an official service and contract partner of Herforder Elektromotorenwerke in Bavaria. The firm Herforder Elektromotorenwerke is a specialist with traditions producing explosure proof motors and various special drives.

New since 2004:
Energy economical motors - take over of the service and sale contract with the famous motor producer " Faurndau Drives GmbH" / Göppingen.

The longstanding contact with firm FAURNDAU repairing and maintaning one phase motors and three phase shunt wound motors  has been made more profound in new motors sale. FAURNDAU offers the well-known types of construction and the new models of the most modern asynchronous and synchronous motors from 5 to 500kW. The frequency inverter powered drives excel in their high power, energy efficience, easy maintanance and offer  excellent solutions for many assignments and modernization. You are wellcome to require our free consultation!

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Motoren Dötsch GmbH

Sonnenstraße 18
95111 Rehau

Tel.: +49 (0) 92 83 - 10 91
Fax: +49 (0) 92 83 - 43 62

info [at] motoren-doetsch.de


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Mon - Fri: 7.00 - 17.00


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Wasser- und Windkraft

Wir liefern permanentmagneterregte Generatoren in Drehstromausführung in verschiedenen Leistungs- und Drehzahlklassen.


Die Energiewende - der Weg zurück zur Sonne - ein Mitmachprogramm. Ein Essay von Geschäftsführer Christian Dötsch

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